Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of
Financial Institutions
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
0180-01 Repealed
0180-02 Retention of Records
0180-03 Repealed
0180-04 Repealed
0180-05 Public Notice of Filing of Applications
0180-06 Rules of Procedure for Contested Cases
0180-07 Rules of Practice: Applications, Instructions, Forms, Reports of State Banks,
Schedule of Applications Fees for State Banks, BIDCO's, Savings Bank and Trust Companies
0180-08 Rules for Single Payment Small Loans
0180-09 Pertaining to State-Chartered Credit Unions
0180-10 Investments by State-Chartered Credit Unions
0180-11 Reserves Required of State Banks
0180-12 Operation of State-Chartered Building and Loan Associations
0180-13 Electronic Data Processing Servicer Examination and Contingency Planner
0180-14 Repealed
0180-15 Rules Pertaining to Acquisitions for Financial Institutions and Holding Companies
0180-16 Rules Pertaining to Insurance
0180-17 Rules Pertaining to Mortgage Lending, Loan Servicing, and Loan Brokering
0180-18 Rules Pertaining to Business and Industrial Development Corporations ("BIDCOS")
0180-19 Rules Pertaining to Securities Activities of State-Chartered Banks
0180-20 Recovery of the Costs of Examination and Supervision of Certain Financial Institutions
0180-21 Rules Pertaining to the Assessment of the Annual Banking Fee
0180-22 Rules Pertaining to Agency Relationships to Banks
0180-23 Reserved
0180-24 Rules Pertaining to Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
0180-25 Repealed
0180-26 Money Transmitter Rules
0180-27 Rules Pertaining to Disclosures to be Issued by Title Pledge Lenders
0180-28 Rules Pertaining to the Deferred Presentment Services Act
0180-29 Credit Union Field of Membership Expansion
0180-30 Rules Pertaining to the Assessment of the Annual Fee for Non-Depository Trust Companies
0180-31 Loan Production Offices
0180-32 Rules Pertaining to Industrial Loan and Thrift Companies
0180-33 Repealed
0180-34 Public Records Requests