Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Children's Services
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
0250-01 Reserved
0250-01 Reserved
0250-02 through 0250-03 Reserved
0250-04 Standards for Regulated Institutions
0250-04-01 Reserved
0250-04-02 Standards for Group Care Homes and Family Boarding Homes
0250-04-05 Standards for Residential Child Caring Agencies
0250-04-06 Reserved
0250-04-07 Standards for Maternity Homes
0250-04-08 Minimum Standards for Juvenile Detention Centers and Temporary
Holding Resources
0250-04-09 Standards for Child-Placing Agencies
0250-04-10 Standards for Runaway House Agencies
0250-04-11 Standards for Child Abuse Prevention Agencies
0250-05 Administrative Procedures Division
0250-05-01 Introduction
0250-05-02 Definitions
0250-05-03 Fair Hearing Requests
0250-05-04 Notice of Hearing
0250-05-05 Administrative Judge/Hearing Officer
0250-05-06 Conduct of the Hearing
0250-05-07 The Hearing Record
0250-05-08 The Final Order
0250-05-09 Reconsideration
0250-05-10 Judicial Review
0250-05-11 Reserved
0250-05-12 Reserved
0250-05-13 Proceedings Affecting Foster Family Care
0250-06 Administrative Services Division
0250-06-01 Access to Public Records of the Department of Children's Services
0250-07 Social Services Division
0250-07-01 Procedures for Permanency Plans
0250-07-02 Reserved
0250-07-03 Repealed
0250-07-04 Family Violence Shelter Standards
0250-07-05 Child Abuse Prevention Standards
0250-07-06 Community Services Agency Rules and Regulations
0250-07-07 Access to Adoption Records Finalized Prior to 1951 and Access to Records
Maintained by The Tennessee Children's Home Society
0250-07-08 Foster Care Services for Home Society
0250-07-09 Classification and Review of Reports of Child Abuse/Neglect and Due Process
Procedures for Release of Child Abuse/Neglect Records
0250-07-10 Administration of Collective Fund Accounts
0250-07-11 Release of Non-Identifying Information from Records of Adoptions and
Transmittal of Medical Information Regarding Certain Persons Affected by Adoptions
0250-07-12 Rules Governing Access to Adoption Records for Adoptions Finalized On and
After March 16, 1951
0250-07-13 Adoption Process Forms
0250-07-14 Relative Caregiver Program
0250-07-15 Foster Parents' Bill of Rights