Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Division of Water Pollution Control
(Transferred from 1200-04-01 which was repealed)
0400-40-02 Regulations for Plans, Submittal, and Approval; Control of
Construction; Control of Operation
(Transferred from 1200-04-02 which was repealed)
0400-40-03 General Water Quality Criteria
(Transferred from 1200-04-03 which was repealed)
0400-40-04 Use Classifications for Surface Waters
(Transferred from 1200-04-04 which was repealed)
0400-40-05 Permits, Effluent Limitations and Standards
(Transferred from 1200-04-05)
0400-40-06 Reserved
0400-40-07 Aquatic Resource Alteration
(Transferred from 1200-04-07 which was repealed)
0400-40-08 Rules and Regulations Applied To T.C.A. § 69-1-117
(Transferred from 1200-04-08 which was repealed)
0400-40-09 Reserved
0400-40-10 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permits
(Transferred from 1200-04-10 which was repealed)
0400-40-11 Environmental Protection Fund Fees
(Transferred from 1200-04-11 which was repealed)
0400-40-12 Silvicultural Activity Stop Work Orders
(Transferred from 1200-04-12 which was repealed)
0400-40-13 Inter-Basin Water Transfers
(Transferred from 1200-04-13 which was repealed)
0400-40-14 Pretreatment Requirements
(Transferred from 1200-04-14 which was repealed)
0400-40-15 Biosolids Management
0400-40-16 Public Sewerage Systems
(Transferred from 1200-05-02 which was repealed)
0400-40-17 Certification of Qualified Hydrologic Professionals
0400-40-18 Rock Harvesting