Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Division of Water Resources
(Oil and Gas Program)
0400-54-01 Pollution and Safety Controls (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-02 Procedures and Equipment for Metering,
Measuring and Producing Oil Condensate and Gas (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-03 Requirements for Reporting the Volume
and Disposition of Oil and Gas Produced (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-04 Ratable Take (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-05 Commingling and Automatic Custody Transfer
of Hydrocarbons (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-06 Limiting Production (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-07 Regulating High Gas/Oil Ratio Wells and Preventing
Waste of Gas (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-08 Subterranean Gas Storage (Transferred from 1040-04)
0400-54-09 Pressure Maintenance Projects and Secondary Recovery (Transferred from 1040-04)