Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Correction
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
0420-01 Administrative Services
0420-01-01 Repealed
0420-01-02 Release of Inmate Records Information
0420-01-03 Charges for Producing Copies of Public Records
0420-02 Division of County Programs
0420-02-01 County Corrections Incentive Program
0420-02-02 Tennessee Community Corrections Program
0420-02-03 County Corrections Incentive Program Participation and Fund Distribution
Subsidy Grant Funds
0420-03 Adult Services Division
0420-03-01 Repealed
0420-03-02 Repealed
0420-03-03 Repealed
0420-03-04 Selection of News Media Representatives to Attend an Execution of a Death Sentence
0420-04 Youth Services
0420-04-01 County Grants for Community Intervention Services