Rules of the
Department of Commerce and Insurance

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Insurance Division
0780-01-01 Repealed
0780-01-02 Repealed
0780-01-03 Repealed
0780-01-04 Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Health Insurance
0780-01-05 Unfair Claims Settlement Practices
0780-01-06 Repealed
0780-01-07 Credit Transaction Covering Motor Vehicles and Mortgaged Property
0780-01-08 Advertisements of Accident and Sickness Insurance
0780-01-09 Repealed
0780-01-10 Repealed
0780-01-11 Repealed
0780-01-12 Title Insurance Companies and Their Agents
0780-01-13 Proxies, Consents, and Authorizations of Domestic Stock Insurers
0780-01-14 Rules and Regulations Concerning the Insider Trading of Equity
Securities of a Domestic Stock Insurance Company
0780-01-15 Repealed
0780-01-16 Repealed
0780-01-17 Rules and Regulations Covering the Sale,
Issuance and Delivery of Both Individual and Group Variable Annuity
Contracts and Variable Life Contracts
0780-01-18 Insurance Required or Accepted by an Industrial Loan and Thrift Company
0780-01-19 Rules and Regulations Governing the Correlated Sales of Life
Insurance Policies and Mutual Funds or Other Securities Issued
Pursuant to the Authority Vested in the Commissioner of Insurance by T.C.A. §56—3—406
0780-01-20 Repealed
0780-01-21 Including Investment Income in Rate Filings
0780-01-22 Repealed
0780-01-23 Installment Maintenance Fee
0780-01-24 Replacement of Life Insurance Policies
0780-01-25 Guidelines to be Followed by Companies Offering Life Insurance Policies to College Students Under a Premium Financing Arrangement
0780-01-26 Agents Writing Travel Accident or Travel
Personal Property Insurance Required to Pass Written Examination
0780-01-27 Operation of State Chartered Building and Loan Associations
0780-01-28 Health Maintenance Organizations
0780-01-29 Accident and Health Policies Providing Return of Premium or Withdrawal Benefits
0780-01-30 Relating to the Signature of an Accredited Actuary on Annual Statements Before Filing
0780-01-31 Repealed
0780-01-32 Relating to Exchange- Traded Call Options
0780-01-33 Life Insurance Advertising
0780-01-34 Eliminating Unfair Discrimination
0780-01-35 Reserved
0780-01-36 Reserved
0780-01-37 Annual Statement Filing Requirements
0780-01-38 Relating to the Classification, Salaries, and Expenses of Insurance Company Examiners
0780-01-39 Relating to Accounting for Salvage and Subrogation When Making Financial Statements
to the Department of Commerce and Insurance
0780-01-40 Relating to Life Insurance Solicitations
0780-01-41 Tennessee Captive Insurance Companies
0780-01-42 Repealed
0780-01-43 Relating to the "Small Insurance Policy Law of 1979"
0780-01-44 Relating to Reporting Hospital Charges for Patients
0780-01-45 Relating to Medicare Supplement Insurance
0780-01-46 Regulations on Custodial Agreements and the Use of Clearing Corporations
0780-01-47 Individual Conversion Privileges in Group Hospitalization Contracts
0780-01-48 Rule moved to 0780-05-10
0780-01-49 Relating to Government Tort Liability
0780-01-50 Relating to the Timely Filing of Premium Tax Returns
0780-01-51 Guidelines to be by Insurance Companies, Insurance Agencies,
Insurance Agents and Financial Sharing a Retail Area
0780-01-52 Mortality Tables
0780-01-53 Coordination of Benefits
0780-01-54 Self-Insured Worker's Compensation Pools
0780-01-55 Navigator and Certified Application Counselor Registration Requirements
0780-01-56 Licensing Requirements for Insurance Producers
0780-01-57 Policyholders Service Office Disclosure Requirements
0780-01-58 Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards
0780-01-59 Aftermarket Crash Parts Regulation
0780-01-60 Legal Insurance
0780-01-61 Long-Term Care Insurance
0780-01-62 Life, Accident and Health Reinsurance Agreements
0780-01-63 Credit for Reinsurance
0780-01-64 Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulations
0780-01-65 Annual Financial Reporting
0780-01-66 Standards and Commissioner's Authority for
Companies deemed to be in Hazardous Financial Condition
0780-01-67 Insurance Holding Company System Regulations with
Reporting Forms and Instructions
0780-01-68 Guidelines for Discharge of Postpartum Mother and Newborns
0780-01-69 Minimum Reserve Standards for Individual and Group Health Insurance Contracts
0780-01-70 Tennessee Charitable Gift Annuities Regulations
0780-01-71 Life Settlements
0780-01-72 Privacy of Consumer Information Regulations
0780-01-73 Uniform Claims Process for TennCare
Participating Managed Care Organizations
0780-01-74 Repealed
0780-01-75 Reserved
0780-01-76 Self-Insurance Associations and Non-Profit
Business Coalitions for Health
0780-01-77 Interpretive Opinions
0780-01-78 Tennessee County Mutual Insurance Company Act
Uniform Reporting System for the All Payer Claims Database
0780-01-80 Tennessee Vehicle Protection Product Act Regulations
0780-01-81 Administration of Self Insurance Workers' Compensation Programs by Single Employers or Pools
0780-01-82 Rating Appeals Before the Commissioner
0780-01-83 Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Single Employers
0780-01-84 Medical and Professional Malpractice Claims and Expense Reporting
MarketConduct Annual Statement Filing Requirements
0780-01-86 Suitability in Annuity Transactions
0780-01-87 Reserved
0780-01-88 Reserved
0780-01-89 Military Sales Practices
0780-01-90 Crop Insurance Adjusters
0780-01-91 Public Adjusters
0780-01-92 Rules Related to Form and Rate Filings for Health Insurance Coverage Not Subject to the Authority of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
0780-01-93 Rules Related to Form and Rate Filings for Health Insurance Coverage Subject to the Authority of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
0780-01-94 Use of Senior-Specific Designations in Life Insurance and Annuities