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Division of Fire Prevention   
0780-02-01 Electrical Installations
0780-02-02 Codes and Standards
Emergency rules filed June 1, 2018; effective through November 28, 2018.
0780-02-03 Review of Construction Plans and Specifications
0780-02-04 New Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles
0780-02-05 Stabilizing of Manufactured Homes
0780-02-06 Repealed
0780-02-07 Fire Protection Sprinkler System Contractors
0780-02-08 Used Factory-Manufactured Homes
0780-02-09 Repealed
0780-02-10 Commercial Places of Assembly
0780-02-11 Repealed
0780-02-12 Reserved
0780-02-13 Modular Building Units
0780-02-14 Fire Extinguishers
0780-02-15 Blasting Standards
0780-02-16 Fire Prevention, Building, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector Certification Standards and Qualifications
0780-02-17 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Regulations
0780-02-18 Tennessee Equitable Restroom Act Rules and Regulations
0780-02-19 Audits of Local Codes Enforcement Agencies
0780-02-20 Fire Department Recognition
0780-02-21 Fireworks
0780-02-22 Fire Standard Compliant Cigarettes
0780-02-23 One and Two Family Dwellings and Townhouses