Rules of the
Tennessee Department of Health and
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

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Bureau of Environmental Health Services
Division of Air Pollution
1200-03-01 General Provisions (Please see 0400-30 for additional Air Pollution Control rules.)
1200-03-02 Definitions
1200-03-03 Ambient Air Quality Standards
1200-03-04 Open Burning
1200-03-05 Visible Emission Regulations
1200-03-06 Non-process Emission Standards
1200-03-07 Process Emission Standards
1200-03-08 Fugitive Dust
1200-03-09 Construction and Operating Permits
1200-03-10 Required Sampling, Recording, and Reporting
1200-03-11 Hazardous Air Contaminants
1200-03-12 Methods of Sampling and Analysis
1200-03-13 Violation
1200-03-14 Control of Sulfur Dioxide Emission
1200-03-15 Emergency Episode Plan
1200-03-16 New Source Performance Standards
1200-03-17 Repealed (Chapter renumberd 0400-30-17.)
1200-03-18 Volatile Organic Compounds
1200-03-19 Emission Standards and Monitoring Requirements for Additional Control Areas
1200-03-20 Limits on Emissions Due to Malfunction, Start-ups and Shutdowns
1200-03-21 General Alternate Emission Standards
1200-03-22 Lead Emission Standards
1200-03-23 Visibility Protection
1200-03-24 Good Engineering Practice Stack Height Regulations
1200-03-25 Standards for Infectious Waste Incinerators
1200-03-26 Administrative Fees Schedule
1200-03-27 Nitrogen Oxides
1200-03-28 Reserved
1200-03-29 Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
1200-03-30 Acidic Precipitation Control
1200-03-31 Case-By-Case Determinations of Hazardous Air Pollutant Control Requirements
1200-03-32 Prevention of Accidental Releases
1200-03-33 Repealed
1200-03-34 Conformity
1200-03-35 Reserved
1200-03-36 Motor Vehicle Tampering
1200-03-37 Repealed