Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Health and
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Bureau of Environmental Health Services
Division of Food and General Sanitation
Division of Water Supply
1200-05-01 Repealed (Transferred to 0400-45-01)
1200-05-02 Repealed (Transferred to 0400-40-16)
1200-05-03 Repealed (Transferred to 0400-49-01)
1200-05-04 Repealed (Transferred to 0400-45-04)
1200-05-05 Repealed
1200-05-06 Repealed
1200-05-07 Repealed (Transferred to 0400-45-07)
1200-05-08 Repealed (Transferred to 0400-45-08)