Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Health
Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities
1200-08-01 Standards for Hospitals
1200-08-02 Standards for Prescribed Child Care Centers
1200-08-03 Administration
1200-08-04 Patient Services
1200-08-05 Behavioral Health Units in Nursing Facilities
1200-08-06 Standards for Nursing Homes
Emergency rule filed August 18, 2021; effective through February 14, 2022.
1200-08-07 Residential Home for Aged Quality Enabling Program
1200-08-08 Repealed
1200-08-09 Repealed
1200-08-10 Standards for Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers
1200-08-11 Standards for Homes for the Aged
1200-08-12 Trauma Centers
1200-08-13 Repealed
1200-08-14 Repealed
1200-08-15 Standards for Residential Hospices
1200-08-16 Civil Rights Compliance Rules and Regulations
1200-08-17 Transferred to 0940-05-45
1200-08-18 Transferred to 0940-05-43
1200-08-19 Transferred to 0940-05-39
1200-08-20 Transferred to 0940-05-40
1200-08-21 Transferred to 0940-05-42
1200-08-22 Transferred to 0940-05-41
1200-08-23 Transferred to 0940-05-44
1200-08-24 Standards for Birthing Centers
1200-08-25 Standards for Assisted-Care Living Facilities
1200-08-26 Standards for Home Care Organizations Providing Home Health Services
1200-08-27 Standards for Home Care Organizations Providing Hospice Services
1200-08-28 Standards for HIV Supportive Living Centers
1200-08-29 Standards for Home Care Organizations Providing Home Medical Equipment
1200-08-30 Standards for Pediatric Emergency Care Facilities
1200-08-31 Eden Alternative Grants Program
1200-08-32 Standards for End Stage Renal Dialysis Clinics
1200-08-33 Standards for Quality of Care for Health Maintenance Organizations
1200-08-34 Standards For Home Care Organizations Providing Professional Support Services
1200-08-35 Standards For Outpatient Diagnostic Centers
1200-08-36 Standards for Adult Care Homes - Level 2
1200-08-37 Traumatic Brain Injury Residential Homes
1200-08-38 Registry of Persons Who Have Abused, Neglected, Misappropriated, or Exploited the
Property of Vulnerable Individuals