Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
Division of TennCare
1200-13-01 TennCare Long-Term Care Programs
1200-13-02 Nursing Facility Provider Reimbursement
1200-13-03 Repealed
1200-13-04 Repealed
1200-13-05 Hospital Rate Variation Corridors
1200-13-06 Nursing Facility Level I Program
1200-13-07 Reserved
1200-13-08 Skilled Nursing Home Program
1200-13-09 Psychiatric Hospital Reimbursement Program
1200-13-10 Repealed
1200-13-11 Public Records Access
1200-13-12 Repealed
1200-13-13 TennCare Medicaid
1200-13-14 TennCare Standard
1200-13-15 Repealed
1200-13-16 Medical Necessity
1200-13-17 TennCare Crossover Payments for Medicare Deductibles and Co-Insurance
1200-13-18 TennCare Administrative Actions and Provider Appeals
1200-13-19 Appeals of Certain Eligibility Determinations and TennCare Delay Hearings
1200-13-20 TennCare Technical and Financial Eligibility
1200-13-21 CoverKids