Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Public Utility Commission
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
1220-01 Division of Practice and Procedure
1220-01-01 Rules and Regulations of Practice and Procedure
1220-01-02 Practice and Procedure - Contested Cases
1220-01-03 Alternative Dispute Resolution
1220-01-04 Access to Public Records Held by the Commission
1220-02 Transferred
1220-02-01 Transferred to 1340-06-01
1220-03 Repealed
1220-03-01 Repealed
1220-04 Division of Public Utilities
1220-04-01 General Public Utilities Rules
1220-04-02 Regulations for Telephone Companies
1220-04-03 Water Regulations
1220-04-04 Regulations for Electric Companies
1220-04-05 Regulations for Gas Companies
1220-04-06 Repealed
1220-04-07 Purchased Gas Adjustment Rules
1220-04-08 Regulations for Local Telecommunications Providers
1220-04-09 Repealed
1220-04-10 Distributing Assistive Telecommunications Equipment to
Qualified Individuals with Disabilities
1220-04-11 Telephone Solicitation Regulations - Do Not Call Register
1220-04-12 Reserved
1220-04-13 Wastewater Regulations