Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Human Services
Administrative Procedures Division
1240-05-01 Introduction
1240-05-02 Definitions
1240-05-03 Fair Hearing Requests
1240-05-04 Notice of the Hearing
1240-05-05 The Hearing Official
1240-05-06 Rules of Evidence and Discovery
1240-05-07 The Hearing Report
1240-05-08 The Initial and Final Order
1240-05-09 Reconsideration and Appeal of Orders
1240-05-10 Judicial Review
1240-05-11 Repealed
1240-05-12 Adoption of Rules
1240-05-13 Child Care Agency Board of Review
1240-05-14 Intentional Program Violations
1240-05-15 Family First Administrative Disqualification Hearings
1240-05-16 Code of Conduct