Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
1340-01 Driver Control Division
1340-01-01 Deposit of Chauffeur's or Operator's License in Lieu of Bail
1340-01-02 Repealed
1340-01-03 Repealed
1340-01-04 Tennessee Driver Improvement Program
1340-01-05 Repealed
1340-01-06 Commercial Driver Training Enterprise Rules and Regulations
1340-01-07 Repealed
1340-01-08 Rules of Procedure for Hearing Contested Cases
1340-01-09 Repealed
1340-01-10 Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Courses for Automobile Insurance
Premium Reduction
1340-01-11 Tennessee Motorcycle Rider Education Program
1340-01-12 Issuance of Motorcycle License and Motorcycle Learner's Permit
(Class M), (Class P.M.)
1340-01-13 Classified and Commercial Drivers Licenses and Temporary Driver Licenses
1340-01-14 Repealed (Renumbered 1340-03-06)
1340-02 Administrative Division
1340-02-01 Rules of Procedure for Hearing Contested Cases
1340-02-02 Rules of Procedure for Asset Forfeiture Hearings
1340-02-03 Department of Safety Approved Handgun Safety Program
1340-02-04 Handgun Carry Permit Procedures
1340-02-05 Driver License Reinstatement Fee Installment Payment Plan
1340-03 Highway Patrol Division
1340-03-01 Impoundment of Vehicles
1340-03-02 Tennessee Department of Safety Inspection Program
1340-03-03 Rules and Regulations For School Bus Inspection Procedures
1340-03-04 Municipal Enforcement Of Rules Of The Road
1340-03-05 Passenger Transportation Compliance Review Procedures
1340-03-06 Rules of Ignition Interlock Device Program
(Renumbered from 1340-01-14)
1340-03-07 Driver Education Courses
1340-03-08 P25 Interoperable Communications System
(Tennessee Advanced Communications Network [TACN])
1340-04 Reserved
1340-04 Reserved
1340-05 Transferred
1340-05 Transferred to 1320-08
1340-06 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division
1340-06-01 Rules and Regulations as to Supervision and Control of Motor Vehicles
and Motor Buses
1340-07 Tennessee Highway Patrol Division
1340-07-01 Employee Criteria for Tennessee Highway Patrol
1340-08 Administrative Division
1340-08-01 Rules and Regulations for Access to Public Records