Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of State
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
1360-01 Publications Division
1360-01-01 Notice of Rulemaking
1360-01-02 Filing of Rules
1360-01-03 Withdrawal of Rules, Stays of Effective Dates, and Withdrawal of Stay of
Effective Date
1360-01-04 Repealed
1360-01-05 Repealed
1360-01-06 Repealed
1360-01-07 Redesignated as 1360-04-01
1360-02 Elections Division
1360-02-01 Introduction
1360-02-02 State Certification
1360-02-03 Purchase of Punch Card Devices
1360-02-04 Ballot Specifications
1360-02-05 Duties of County Election Commissions
1360-02-06 Procedure Prior to Election
1360-02-07 Procedure During Election
1360-02-08 Procedure After Polls Have Closed
1360-02-09 Procedures at the Counting Center
1360-02-10 Absentee Voting by Mail with Punch Cards
1360-02-11 Voter Registration By Mail
1360-02-12 Electronic Vote Counting (Optical Scan) Systems Rules and Regulations
1360-02-13 Electronic Voting Machines Rules and Regulations
1360-02-14 Absentee Voting by Mail with Punchcards
1360-02-15 Procedures for Early Voting on Mechanical Lever Machines
1360-02-16 Procedures for Preparing Lists of Those Individuals Who Vote Early
1360-02-17 Appendix
1360-02-18 Downloading Early Voting Results
1360-03 Charitable Solicitations and Gaming Division
1360-03-01 Regulation of the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes
1360-03-02 Reserved
1360-03-03 Procedures for Operating Charitable Gaming Events
Emergency rules filed August 5, 2021; effective through February 1, 2022.
1360-03-04 Catastrophic Illness Trusts
1360-03-05 Rules Related to the Fantasy Sports Act
1360-04 Administrative Procedures Division
1360-04-01 Uniform Rules of Procedures for Hearing Contested Cases Before State
Administrative Agencies
1360-05 Business Services
1360-05-01 Entity Formations
1360-05-02 Annual Reports
1360-06 Certification of Municipal Clerks and Recorders
1360-06-01 Certification of Municipal Clerks & Recorders
1360-07 Business Services Division
1360-07-01 Trademarks
1360-07-02 Notary Publics
1360-07-03 Online Notaries Public
1360-08 Uniform Commercial Code
1360-08-01 Uniform Commercial Code
General Provisions
1360-08-02 Uniform Commercial Code
Acceptance and Refusal of Documents
1360-08-03 Uniform Commercial Code
UCC Information Management System
1360-08-04 Uniform Commercial Code
Filing and Data Entry Procedures
1360-08-05 Uniform Commercial Code
Search Requests and Reports
1360-08-06 Filing Procedures for Affidavits and Petitions for Review
1360-09 Workers' Compensation Exemption Registry
1360-09-01 Workers' Compensation Exemption Registration
1360-10 Repealed
1360-10-01 Repealed
1360-11 Publications
1360-11-01 Tennessee Address Confidentiality Program General Provisions
Emergency rules filed May 25, 2021; effective through November 21, 2021.
1360-12 Library and Archives
1360-12-01 Public Libraries and Archives