Rules of the
Tennessee Higher Education Commission

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Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
1540-01-01 Regulations for Classifying Persons as Tennessee Residents for the Purpose
of Participating in Tennessee Higher Education Commission Programs
1540-01-02 Authorization and Regulation of Regularly Authorized Postsecondary Educational Institutions
1540-01-03 Regulations for Apportioning Funds Under the Agricultural and Home
Economic Endowment Trust Fund
1540-01-04 Public Higher Education Fee Waivers for State Employees
1540-01-05 Public Higher Education Fee Discounts for Children of Licensed Public
School Teachers and State Employees
1540-01-06 Tuition Refunds for Activated Reserve and National Guard Personnel
1540-01-07 Outstanding Community Improvement Award Program
1540-01-08 Repealed
1540-01-09 Repealed
1540-01-10 Regulation of Postsecondary Educationalal Institutions with Optional Expedited Authorization (OEA)