Tennessee Secretary of State
Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations
Rules of the Tennessee Department of Transportation
Introduction Table of Contents and Administrative History
1680-01 Aeronautics Division
1680-01-01 Supervision and Control of Common Carriers by Air
1680-01-02 Licensing and Registration of Airports
1680-01-03 Repealed
1680-02 Maintenance Division
1680-02-01 Repealed
1680-02-02 Cutting and Baling of Hay Along Interstate Right-of-Ways
1680-02-03 Control of Outdoor Advertising
1680-02-04 Rules and Regulations for Junkyard Control
1680-02-05 Transferred to 1680-10-02
1680-03 Uniform Traffic Control Devices
1680-03-01 Adoption of the Tennessee Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for
Streets and Highways
1680-03-02 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - Supplemental Rules for Guide
Signs on Freeways, Expressways and Conventional Highways
1680-03-03 Specific Service Signs (Logo Sign Program)
1680-03-04 Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs
1680-03-05 Repealed
1680-04 Administration Division
1680-04-01 Rules of Procedure for Hearing Contested Cases
1680-04-02 Inspection and Copying of Public Records
1680-05 Construction Division
1680-05-01 Contractor Debarment and Suspension
1680-05-02 Contractor Qualifications for Construction in High Quality or Impaired Waters
1680-05-03 Prequalification of Contractors
1680-05-04 Procedures for the Selection and Award of Design-Build Contracts
1680-06 Right-of-Way Division
1680-06-01 Rules and Regulations for Accommodating Utilities Within Highway
1680-06-02 Relocation Assistance Program
1680-07 Central Services Division
1680-07-01 Overweight and Overdimensional Movements on Tennessee Highways
1680-08 Civil Rights Division
1680-08-01 Certification of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Women Business
1680-08-02 Definition of "Disadvantaged Business Enterprises" and "Women Business
Enterprises" for the Purpose of Implementing T.C.A. § 67-3-123
1680-08-03 Construction Management Development Program
1680-08-04 Bond Guarantee Program
1680-09 Public Transportation, Waterways and Rail Division
1680-09-01 Railroad Grade Crossing Standards
1680-09-02 Rules and Regulations Governing Railroads
1680-10 Traffic Operations Division
1680-10-01 Constructing Driveway Entrances on State Highway Rights-of-Way
1680-10-02 Truck Lane Restrictions along Interstates and Multi-Lane Access Controlled
Highways (Transferred from 1680-02-05)